Melanie Gaynor

The Holistic Facialist

Melanie is one of the most accomplished and experienced Holistic Facialists in NZ today. Unique facial techniques and ‘magic hands’ keep her clients coming back again and again. She is a skin care and facial massage expert, with a multi dimensional understanding of structural, nutritional and topical face care.

“The more I learn, experience and observe, the more I see the connection between mind, body and soul, working holistically just makes sense”

“From the very start I knew that hands-on treatments had benefits beyond the results of the treamtents themselves. I realised the importance of therapeutic touch for peoples well-being” – Melanie

In the busy switched on world we live in, its absolutely vital to our wellbeing for us to take time to relax and allow our nervous system to calm. I believe we will never truly achieve lasting change or results while our systems are on high alert. That is why relaxation is at the forefront of the facials I offer. We all need some quiet time to reset and a relaxing, restorative, nurturing facial is an excellent way to do that.

Melanie originally qualified as a Beauty Therapist on completion of her studies in the UK. She has an ongoing commitment to furthering her knowledge and skills, Over the last 12 years she has focused on extending her ‘therapeutic toolbox’ studying both internationally and in New Zealand. She works with both an aesthetic and a clinical approach to skin and facial care. Her techniques for natural skincare include:

European Facial Massage | Facial Gua Sha |Facial Reflexology (Dien Chen Zone) | Myofascial Release Massage & Microfascial Unwinding | Sculptural Facelift |Intra-oral (buccal) massage| Swedish Massage |Aromatherapy | Natural Facelift Massage | Ayurvedic Kansa Facial | Marma Massage | Dr Vodder Manual Lymphatic Drainage |Facial Radiance|

Melanie Gaynor – CIBTAC, City & Guilds, IHBC, AUT Tertiary Teaching Certificate