Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate



Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate

A potent plant-based concentrate with a hydrating and soothing effect. This is our most popular concentrate.

Made with a soothing botanical blend to help heal and strengthen dehydrated, dull, lack-lustre skin. It also offers an extra burst of hydration for healthy skin, taking it from good to glow!

Rose – Skin Softening
Chamomile – Calming, Anti-inflammatory
Lavender – Balancing, Soothing
Marshmallow – Softening, Soothing
Voila – Calming, UV Filter
Aloe – Cooling, Hydrating

Janesce Concentrates contain potent levels of plant extracts for natural skincare.
They are like powerful herbal medicine for the skin. Used as part of the skin soaking ritual, Janesce plant-based concentrates absorb easily into the skin. They are able to penetrate deeply, where they correct, heal and enhance the skin’s functioning.

How to Use

  • Apply concentrate after soaking and misting the skin.
  • Drip two to three drops of concentrate into the palm of one hand, press hands together and then press into the face and neck area.
  • Immediately follow with moisturiser to seal the hydrating plant extracts into the skin.

Note: Janesce concentrates are safe to use quite close to the eye area.