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  • Anti-Oxidant Facial Mist

    Janesce Solutions Anti-Oxidant Mist

    An antioxidant floral mist with a protective and enlivening effect.

  • Bestow Beauty Oil


    Bestow Beauty Oil offers a blend of cold-pressed organic flax seed and safflower oil, formulated to deliver the best balance of healthy fats for clear, glowing skin.

  • Facial Roller – Gold Studded

    3-in-1 Facial Massage Tool – Facial Roller, Reflexology & Acupressure Tool

    This multi-purpose tool can be used for facial massage, acupressure and reflexology giving you 3 options for looking after the face.   It gives a gentle, non-invasive facial roller massage and the locator end is perfectly shaped for precision.

  • Glow Pack – Hydrate & Glow


    This is the perfect way to begin your  journey. You’ll receive everything you need to begin your Janesce Skin Soaking Ritual for Glowing Skin. This is an affordable way to sample the Janesce experience for yourself. There is enough product for two months of use.

    Suitable for people with healthy skin. 

  • Gua Sha Facial Theory Ebook


    This ebook translates a centuries old technique from Traditional Chinese Medicine into an effective facial massage technique that gets great results for your clients and their skin. It is an excellent addition to facial work that your clients will love.

  • Nourishing Neck Cream


    A richly nourishing, hydrating and enriching cream designed to protect the delicate skin of the throat. Leave the skin feeling satiny smooth.

    Apply a small amount to the damp skin of the throat and chest.


    shea butter, sesame oil, honey, calendula, arnica, lavender and rose geranium.

  • Repair & Glow For Extra Sensitive Skins


    This is the perfect way to begin your  journey to healed, healthy skin.  The Repair & Glow Pack is created with hyper-sensitive skin in mind. 

    Suitable for people with very sensitive skin. 

  • Rose Petal Cleanser Auckland

    Rose Petal Mist


    A floral mist with a hydrating and softening effect on the skin. This mist features exquisite rose floral waters along with chamomile, lavender and marshmallow to balance and soften the skin. Enjoy the soulful, feminine fragrance.

  • Shade of Pale Serum


    A natural serum made with a blend of alpine herbs and plant extracts to fade pigmentation.  Licorice is a hero ingredient, helping to suppress the formation of pigmentation. Shade of Pale Serum also features plants that are antioxidant and anti-ageing, including common mallow, cowslip, lady’s mantle and speedwell. For best results, use as a companion product with Shade of Pale Lotio