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  • Repair & Glow For Extra Sensitive Skins


    This is the perfect way to begin your  journey to healed, healthy skin.  The Repair & Glow Pack is created with hyper-sensitive skin in mind. 

    Suitable for people with very sensitive skin. 

  • Roccoco Botanicals Hibiscus Milk Cleanser


    A refreshing, calming and nourishing milk cleanser infused with hibiscus flower acids, a mild AHA complex to moisturise and instantly comfort and nurture dry and dehydrated skin.  This is the perfect cleanser for lipid dry, sensitised and barrier impaired skins, making it a great substitute during the drying winter months also. Hibiscus Milk Cleanser provides…

  • Roccoco Overnight Recovery Mask


    Introducing Overnight Recovery Mask, your skin’s new secret weapon! This little tube of magic is packed with anti-inflammatory goodness that helps to heal and strengthen your skin’s natural barrier. Plus, it’s super protective against pollution, helping to keep your skin looking smooth and fabulous! So why not take an overnight trip to beauty-land and wake up to restored, refreshed skin? It’s time to get your beauty sleep and let this miracle mask do its job. Sweet dreams!

    Acne safe.

  • Roccoco Rescue Balm


    Roccoco Rescue Balm is a rich balm that offering intense hydration and calm to irritated and inflamed skin.  Containing botanical actives to provide an antihistamine-like effect as well as enhancing and reinforcing the skins natural protective barrier. Perfect for barrier impaired skins or those that suffer from dermatitis or eczema, Rescue Balm offers relief from the stinging and itching associated with flares.

  • Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate


    Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate A potent plant-based concentrate with a hydrating and soothing effect. This is our most popular concentrate. Made with a soothing botanical blend to help heal and strengthen dehydrated, dull, lack-lustre skin. It also offers an extra burst of hydration for healthy skin, taking it from good to glow! Rose – Skin Softening…

  • SK1 Concentrate

    Janesce SK1 Concentrate


    A potent plant-based concentrate with a soothing and healing effect for disordered or hyper-sensitive skin. Highly sensitive skin with a damaged skin barrier needs very careful treatment. SK1 contains naturopathic-strength plant actives to heal, soothe, hydrate and strengthen the protective outer layers of the skin.