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  • Roccoco Botanicals Soothing Cleansing Oil


    A soothing blend of Omega 3 rich oils designed to gently clean the skiin whilst replenishing vital lipids and hydration that reduce and precent TEWL which helps repair and improve the skins barrier function.  Excellent for sensitive skins.

  • Roccoco Peptide Serum


    A silky blend of plant actives and peptides to protect the skin and lock in moisture

    Peptide Serum from Roccoco Botanicals provides a protective barrier from the elements and environment.  It stops dehydration and reduces redness and inflammation.  Suits all skins but is absolutely perfect for dry and barrier impaired skin that need a little extra protection.  It will also protect the skin from external chemicals and irritants and aides wound healing.  Apply over your moisturiser for extra protection.
  • Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate


    Sensitive Dehydrated Concentrate A potent plant-based concentrate with a hydrating and soothing effect. This is our most popular concentrate. Made with a soothing botanical blend to help heal and strengthen dehydrated, dull, lack-lustre skin. It also offers an extra burst of hydration for healthy skin, taking it from good to glow! Rose – Skin Softening…