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  • Gentle Exfoliant

    Gentle Enzyme Peel



    A gentle exfoliant using enzymes from pineapple and paw paw. It gently removes any dead skin cells without disrupting the skin’s natural protective barrier. It also contains soothing herbs to renew and refine the skin.

  • Purifying Concentrate


    For acne prone skins, a potent plant based concentrate with a healing, calming effect for acne prone skin.  It contains a healing medley of herbs and flowers, which have a calming effect on skin and help to counteract the hormones that often drive acne.

  • Roccoco Botanicals Pore Cleansing Oil


    An easy to use Cleansing Oil that is designed to prevent and dislodge congestion in the skin.  Rich in linoleic acid which replenishes essential fatty acids withing the skin.  This acne safe cleansing is is formulated with the correct ration of polar and non-polar lipids to effectively remove waxy residues that contribute to congestion.  Leaves the skiin feeling fresh, clean and oil-free.

  • Roccoco Eruption Emulsion


    The Ultimate Acne Moisturiser To Banish Cystic Acne

    This powerful anti-inflammatory and microbiome hacking moisturiser reducces inflammation, removes and eliminates biofilm formation and restores the acid mantle eliminating both inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions rapidly.